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ANS 2020

28–30 August 2020
Kingscliff NSW
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Be a part of the ANS 2020, grab your ticket now & help to make the magic happen.

Our new team is ready and raring to go but we need to ensure we have your support, before we put in all the passion and energy. We need to know this is something YOU want.

The heart and vision of the ANS is all about ensuring unity, non-biased education, support and celebration so we can all continue to flourish in our profession. This is what the ANS 2020 offers you.

As always, it’s by Naturopaths for Naturopaths!
(nutritionists & herbalists too!  😉 )

So, do you want to:

  • celebrate being a naturopathic practitioner?
  • treat yourself to some essential self care?
  • be inspired by other people in the profession?
  • receive non-biased education?
  • have a guilt-free holiday by the beach (hell yeah)?
  • support a unique and independent initiative?

Yes? YES?? YES!!!

Then get yourself the lowest priced ticket to the best conference in town!
Help make the ANS 2020 Happen!


Spread the word! Come along to the ANS 2020!

All tickets will be refunded if we don’t get the supporter threshold that’s needed. And that would mean no ANS 2020… 😮


  • you want to connect with like-minded practitioners and to contribute to the future of our profession
  • you want to build new networks that support your vision and step out of practice isolation
  • you want to reconnect with that sense of possibility and be reassured by your naturopathic community that you’re not alone
  • you want to make your business viable
  • you need some time for self care or to get together with your peers
  • you want to reignite, re-inspire, & revitalise yourself & your business

Make the magic happen,
support the ANS 2020!

$575 – the lowest price tickets will ever be! Show your support for the ANS 2020. You’ll get a 2 & a half day ticket to Fill Your Cup PLUS an ANS 2020 Supporter Certificate. We suggest you hang it on your wall or add it to your resume or even make a laminated coffee mat from it for when you are entertaining friends…because you know, you’re doing your important bit and everyone should know!


** lowest possible ticket price!!

$125 deposit, then 2 payments of $230. This option is for you if you’re bursting to show your love but your wallet isn’t bursting as enthusiastically. We know how that feels. So you can get the lowest price option possible with some breathing space. Put down a deposit to secure your spot and pay two further instalments of $230, 4 and 5 months after you paid your initial deposit. You’ll get a 2.5 day ticket to Fill Your Cup PLUS an ANS 2020 Supporter Certificate.


*admin fees apply – the cost of 2 coffees. Water is healthier anyway.
Total cost = $585

$695 full priced ticket. Oh Wow! You’re going above and beyond and are ready to put your money where your passion is. We LOVE you too. You’ll get a 2.5 day ticket to Fill Your Cup and an ANS 2020 Supporter Certificate PLUS a psychic hug that will fill you with warmth and good feelings. Can you feel it? That’s it – that’s your psychic hug.



  1. Your spot at the ANS 2020.
    Secure your spot to help make the ANS 2020 happen! We can’t do it without you and you don’t want to miss this opportunity. This is your ONLY CHANCE to get your tickets at this price, so take advantage of this offer! …(pssst – did you see we have part payment options too?).
  2. 2.5 days of inspiration.
    Feel connected with your tribe and be motivated by people passionate about their profession, its traditions, & sharing their knowledge & experience
  3.  Over 17 hours of plenary, workshop and practical demonstrations
    Get the tools you need to revitalise yourself & your clinical practice, to thrive, not just survive.
  4. Diverse and stimulating range of speakers.
    Find yourself a front row seat to a stellar lineup of Australian Naturopathic professionals ready to share their stories, wisdom, failures, skills and success secrets. Real & raw, relevant & riveting, because we are confident about what our program can offer you.
  5. Digital notes of presentations.
    Keep your learnings handy with access to the digital notes of presentations, so you can really make the most of your learning experience
  6. Plug into your network.
    Connect with your mentors, teachers and fellow health practitioners. Who knows what new seeds might be planted here for you….get the support you need to grow stronger – just like delegates did from 2016 & 2018

ONCE ONLY OFFER $575 (only till 10th November)

Regular price $695

Love Notes to the ANS…..

Did you know that we’ve had two successful events, one in 2016 and again in 2018? These are some of our favourite love notes from those events…

“the ANS may have literally changed my life”

“ It gave me perspective, inspiration, hope, centering and most importantly, a sense of connection with my tribe around this country.”

“Like chicken soup for a Naturopath’s soul – warm, nourishing, restorative.”

“ Have come away completely inspired with a head full of ideas.”

“ Realising I have a huge family and we matter as a Profession- thank you.”

“ Inspiration to follow the heart”

“ Learning practical real ways to shine my light in my practice”

The ANS Experience…

A tax-deductible holiday by the beach? I’m in!

Don’t you love hanging out by the beach?

How awesome is it to listen to the waves on the shore as you fall asleep? Wake up early & enjoy a morning walk along the beach (& maybe even a swim if you’ve just listened to a talk on hydrotherapy!)?

Then make your way to connect, mingle and celebrate with hundreds of other like-minded practitioners for the day?

Sound too good to be true? It’s not! It can be your reality at the ANS 2020!

Click Here to get the ANS Experience

Got Questions? We have answers….

When and where is the event?
Dates for this awesome two and a half day event are Friday 28th to Sunday 30th August 2020 (pop it in your diary!), at the beautiful Mantra on Salt Beach, Kingscliff, NSW.

How will I know if the event is going ahead?
Firstly, you need to get a ticket and then grab a friend or three! By purchasing a ticket and spreading the word, you are doing your bit to ensure that the ANS 2020 will happen. As soon as the supporter threshold is reached (keep an eye on our supporter rocket!), we will be in contact with the good news.

If the ‘Make the ANS 2020 happen’ campaign is not successful and we do not reach our supporter threshold, all the money you have paid will be fully refunded, but there won’t be an ANS 2020 – 🙁

Can I buy tickets after the support campaign has ended?
Yes you can, but why wait? This campaign ticket price is the best ticket price available. No other tickets (including student tickets) will be lower than this option (!!!) so this is your chance NOW.

What if I don’t have the funds to buy a full priced ticket now?
Don’t worry – we know that life costs money! To make it easy, you can purchase a ‘Number 1 Fan’ ticket on our part-payment plan for a total of $585. You pay an initial $125 to secure your spot and then there will be two more payments of $230 – the first 4 months after you make your initial deposit, followed by a second another month later.

What happens if I buy a ticket but then can’t come?
Firstly, we would be sorry to see you miss this event. But if needed your ticket can be transferred to another person. Simply contact [email protected] to let us know of the change. Tickets are strictly non-refundable, except if the supporter threshold is not reached and the event doesn’t go ahead (in which case you will receive a full refund). See our T&C’s for more information.

How do I get there and where do I stay?
Mantra on Salt Beach, Kingscliff NSW is a 15 minute drive from the Gold Coast airport with regular shuttle buses connecting the two. If you prefer to drive, parking is available at the event location.

Mantra on Salt Beach offers a range of accommodation including hotel rooms and apartments. There are also a number of other accommodation options within walking distance. Keep an eye on our FAQs page for more detailed info and links.

Last Chance…