The ANS Team
Find out who's behind the ANS

Our vision is to empower and inspire each Naturopath to embrace their purpose, passion and desired career path by:

  • Uniting us
  • Creating a place to present and access non-biased information and relevant quality scientific research to better our clinical skills, practices, use and choice of herbs and supplements. Thereby gaining guidance and skills from those who adhere closer to our professional ethos and not purely for monetary gain.
  • Presenting professional and experienced Naturopaths who are doing exceptional things with their Naturopathy qualifications to inspire others to reach their personal career goals and gain insight on how it can be done.
  • Networking to share our knowledge and experiences and forge new business partnerships/mentorships/support networks
  • Embracing the ancient arts and practices of our profession in view of on-going supportive scientific research findings
  • Instilling pride in ourselves and our profession by looking at our history, our direction now and into the future
  • Together finding and broadcasting solution-based approaches to the problems we face in this economy and society
  • Forging professional relationships with ethical companies to align nationally and globally with our professional and personal values
  • Supporting Naturopaths as individuals and as a professional community so that together we can move forward