The ANS Team
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Your dedicated ANS team

Answering the call at the beginning of the year, your new ANS team has gathered around Rachel, Kathryn and Nina and is ready to bring you the best naturopathic conference in town! Read more about our team members


Our vision is to empower and inspire each naturopathic practitioner to embrace their purpose, passion and desired career path.

The ANS 2020 will unite Naturopaths, Nutritionists and Herbalists, helping you fill your cup by:

  • Being amongst professional and experienced Naturopaths who are doing exceptional things with their qualifications to inspire others to reach their career goals.
  • Recognising where the ancient arts and practices within our profession flourish alongside the application of contemporary scientific practice.
  • Brainstorming and broadcasting solution-based approaches to the difficulties we face in this current economy and society.
  • Celebrating ourselves as individuals and as a professional community. Gaining guidance from those who adhere to our professional ethos.
  • Creating access to non-biased information and relevant, quality scientific research. Updating our clinical management strategies and various tools of trade.
  • Networking to share our knowledge and experiences and to forge new business partnerships/mentorships/support networks.
  • Growing professional relationships with ethical companies that align nationally and globally with our professional and personal values.

YOU can show your belief in this vision by putting your hand up before 10th November, securing your ticket and doing your bit to help make the ANS 2020 happen! Please invite your friends and peers so we have enough buy in to deliver your 3rd ANS. Who's in?