To empower and inspire each Naturopath to embrace their purpose, passion and desired career path by:

  • Uniting us
  • Creating a place to present and access un-biased information and relevant quality scientific research to better our clinical skills, practices, use and choice of herbs and supplements. Thereby gaining guidance and skills from those who adhere closer to our professional ethos and not purely for monetary gain.
  • Presenting professional and experienced Naturopaths who are doing exceptional things with their Naturopathy qualifications to inspire others to reach their personal career goals and gain insight on how it can be done.
  • Networking to share our knowledge and experiences and forge new business partnerships/mentorships/support networks
  • Embracing the ancient arts and practices of our profession in view of on-going supportive scientific research findings
  • Instilling pride in ourselves and our profession by looking at our history, our direction now and into the future
  • Together finding and broadcasting solution-based approaches to the problems we face in this economy and society
  • Forging professional relationships with ethical companies to align nationally and globally with our professional and personal values
  • Supporting Naturopaths as individuals and as a professional community so that together we can move forward

Our Ethics & Values

The Australian Naturopathic Summit (ANS) is a fiercely independent conference representing and celebrating naturopathic medicine. The conference is aimed at naturopathic professionals and those with an interest in naturopathic medicine.

It seems to us that professional conferences have become increasingly conventional. Speakers, although experts in their field, do not specifically represent naturopathic medicine and the schedule of these conferences tends to be heavily product focussed.

We want to do something entirely different. We value:

Unbiased naturopathic education of the highest standard

To this end, we will:

  • Ensure the quality, integrity and professionalism of our Speakers
  • Ensure educational content is independent, impartial, unbiased and professional
  • Strive to provide opportunities to increase skill, knowledge, competence and confidence in the practice of naturopathic medicine
  • Avoid knowing participation in conflicts of interest
  • Seek external input and participation in the program development

Responsibility toward Australian Naturopathic medicine

To this end, we will:

  • Serve the needs of our naturopathic community first
  • Focus on naturopathic issues in an Australian context
  • Represent, unite and empower our naturopathic community by showcasing the talent, diversity, skill, knowledge and resilience within the community and those who support and/or serve the community

Honesty and transparency

To this end, we will:

  • Ensure the ANS delivers outcomes as we have claimed in our communications
  • Disclose our relationship with ANS Sponsors and other service providers for the ANS
  • Strive to be clear, truthful and accountable in all ANS activities and communications


To this end, we will:

  • Make every effort to acknowledge and serve individual differences and needs
  • Listen to the needs of the naturopathic community and make all reasonable efforts to monitor and improve their experience of the ANS on an ongoing basis
  • Consider social, cultural and environmental stewardship in our decision-making and ANS activities

Our Environmental Commitment

The Australian Naturopathic Summit Pty Ltd (ANS) is committed to environmental sustainability. We aim to ensure the highest standard of environmental care is achieved in the planning and execution of the ANS. We recognise that we have a responsibility to ensure we consider the environmental impact of our activities and minimise this impact where possible.

We actively aim to:

  • Reduce our environmental footprint
  • Minimise on-site waste
  • Use recycled or biodegradable materials
  • Reuse materials between events
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Source materials, resources and services from local and Australian businesses
  • Care for the local environment
  • Discourage and prevent littering and damage to the ANS grounds
  • Leave the ANS grounds as we found them
  • Lead by example
  • Work with vendors and businesses who maintain similar environmental ethics
  • Build a sustainable ANS event
  • Appreciate the healing power of nature
  • Host the ANS event in a place that is set in or close to nature
  • Incorporate activities into our program that utilise the natural settings
  • Include locally sourced, grown and made foods and drinks
  • Market leadership
  • Actively promote our environmental commitments and outcomes

Full Disclosure

The ANS came about in 2015 as a passion project for we three naturopaths (Nirala, Rachel and Kathryn), driven by the belief that naturopathic education, engagement, networking, collaboration and professional development could be improved upon. To date we have not been paid for our time over the past 3 years nor do we receive any backing from any professional association, education body etc outside our strict sponsorship agreement. Our speakers, MCs, event support people in both 2016 and this year, have all donated their time and skills as well, as a result of being passionate about this cause.

The 2016 delegates helped steer ANS2018 with all suggestions, ideas and feedback. ANS2018 has also benefited enormously from several naturopathic think tanks which included Dr. Jon Wardle, Dr. Judy Singer, Gill Stannard, Leah Hechtman, Louise Zylan, Mim Beim, Freya Gibbs & Helene De Joux (as ANS 2016 volunteer representatives), Charmaine Dennis, Dr. Stuart Glastonbury and Dr. Sue Evans, who we felt were an eclectic representation of the many parts of our profession and who, again, enthusiastically contributed to these think tank discussions and other questions we have thrown at them along the journey, without remuneration. The ANS is a passion project for them also.

To clarify our 2018 program development and speaker selection process:

  1. The overarching themes and individual topics for the ANS 2018 were primarily driven by the feedback and expressed needs, received from our 2016 delegation.
  2. This ridiculously long list formed the basis of our first think tank, at which time we extensively discussed and debated the merits of each, contributed suggestions on best delivery models and proposed speakers.
  3. Nirala, Rachel and Kathryn then began working on developing the program directly, marrying together the outcomes of the think tank with both the machinations and timing restrictions of a 3 day event and venue logistics.
  4. Our second think tank, reviewed, critiqued and reworked this preliminary program and made further suggestions regarding speakers.
  5. The speakers suggested by the think tank meeting, and many others who had independently approached us regarding the possibility of speaking, were contacted and engaged in lengthy discussions with our team to further determine their suitability.
  6. We performed a third party additional check on several speakers who were less well known to us, to better understand their suitability and examine possible conflicts of interest etc.
  7. Each speaker is issued with a Speaker Guideline document which includes an explicit Commercial Policy clause and they must complete and include a Conflict of Interest Declaration at the beginning of their powerpoint presentation.

What can we say.. we now consider it a piece of art!

This means we make it our utmost priority to bring you a conference that represents our Naturopathic tenets and core professional beliefs.  We want to be free from third party agendas or skewed evidence for commercial gain. This means our content is driven by you and your patients’ needs and our need as a profession to grow stronger.

How do we assume we can do this?  It’s tricky, right? There are lots of grey areas to navigate but this is how we’ve gone about it so far:

  • No sponsors unless they abide by our strict Sponsorship Agreement which we display on our website
  • Definitely NO sponsored speakers
  • We ensure our speakers adhere to our Speakers Agreement, which includes a declaration of all commercial relationships

Our program is based on your suggestions (thanks to ANS 2016 delegates especially), our profession’s values and current professional struggles. Our program is not based on the promotion of any commercial products or services.

  • It’s only our second attempt at this and we are working hard to continue strengthening and refining our processes.
  • All constructive feedback and support is considered, let us know how we’re doing or if you see any breaches in our agreements, or you think any additional clauses should be added.
  • Some things take time since we are only a very small team...and we’ll bet you know what that is like!

We are excited to celebrate our colleagues who have achieved, carried the torch and enabled our whole profession to develop and progress.  And we also celebrate those who are struggling but are on the path to similar successes - that’s why we want to bring you all together. Here at the ANS we are keen to challenge tall poppy syndrome head-on!