Some things are worth sharing on the big stage!

At times we have been approached by entities to address you, our delegates, to announce some great things happening in our profession.  We love to promote wonderful news but here’s the criteria we screen it against to protect you, our delegates from unworthy or sale-sy content!

Agreement when making any professional announcements through ANS

All entities that make any professional announcements through the ANS are considered participants in achieving the ANS goals of unity, progression, un-biased education and support.   A priority of the ANS is to promote commitments or endeavours by entities that build a more resilient and unified profession. For all professional announcements, the entities making these will:

  • Agree to actively implement their commitments announced or follow through with details made in announcements
  • Communicate progress of these announcements ANS before next event biennial event
  • Refrain from advertising or selling any products
  • Refrain from presenting any biased information on scientific evidence or products

    ANS Event Announcement Criteria

    To maximise the summit’s positive impact, the following criteria will be used as a guide for professional announcements in any of the ANS auditoriums.  Emphasis will be given to announcements that are of commitments that benefit and progress the entire profession.

    1. Is a significant commitment that supports professional development or support for the profession (e.g.unbiased education, research, mentoring, political lobbying)
    2. Accelerates implementation of any existing commitments including announcements of significant progress


    Please note, commitments previously announced at other forums may be considered, if significant early progress can be highlighted and or the engagement in the event will accelerate its implementation. All announcements will be subject to the discretion of the ANS Board of Directors.