2018 Winners

Ses Salmond

Ses has contributed to the naturopathic education of countless students through lecturing at 2 private colleges in Sydney for 17 years. On top of that she continues to have a constant flow of students on placement in her long standing private practice. She has also contributed widely to naturopathic and medical text books.

Back in the 90’s, at a time when the medical options for treating Hep C were poor at best, she courageously embarked on a PhD to do clinical research, a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial using silymarin and antioxidants in people with chronic hepatitis C. Ses was awarded her PhD from the School of Medicine and Public Health at the University of Newcastle in 2013. This original research was published in the Australian Journal of Herbal and Naturopathic Medicine in March this year.

Ses' tireless contribution to the herbal and naturopathic profession includes being a voluntary member of the NHAA board for 14 years and she was recently appointed as an advisor to the board. There is so much to admire and respect about Ses – from her drive for social justice to her courage to take on challenges to advance our profession – she is a true trailblazer for our profession yet she would never big-note her own achievements. She is smart as a whip and has a great sense of fun. All of this makes her a most deserving recipient and all round great chick!

The ANS is proud to present the Naturopath of the Year award 2018 to
Dr Ses Salmond

Ruth Trickey

An alumnus of the Southern School of Natural Therapies, Ruth trained in nursing and in Traditional Chinese Medicine before undertaking her naturopathic training. These three fields – nursing, TCM and naturopathy - come together in the way she sees patients. Ruth opened her first clinic in 1980 and when she finally closed her doors earlier this year (2018) her clinics had been a feature of Melbourne’s inner north for almost 40 years.

Ruth's focus has always been the best care for patients, best practice in clinic. Her clinic was multidisciplinary and using that experience, combined with her work with medical practitioners and specialists, she pioneered a more collaborative form of clinical practice for us all. That multidisciplinary clinics and collaborative relationships with health professionals are accepted as ‘normal’ now, is in part due to her work.

For decades an opportunity to work as a dispenser or to undertake clinical training in her clinic was a highly sought-after opportunity for students and new graduates. But it was not just students she taught – she has consistently contributed to the continuing professional education of practitioners in her own clinic as well as to herbalists and naturopaths throughout Australia, New Zealand and further abroad.

Her books illustrate how a marriage of herbal and naturopathic philosophy with evidence-based medicine can work. She does not abandon one for the other. Her book is clearly evidence-based but also includes a exposition of the philosophical underpinnings of her approach. Her editors and publishers consistently tried to get her to leave the philosophy out of the book, but she steadfastly refused. For her, the inclusion of the philosophical foundations of natural medicine, the Vis, was essential to understanding her approach.

Ruth's political contribution to her profession is perhaps less well remembered. In the early 2000s as Vice President of the NHAA she worked tirelessly with the then President, the late Susan Dean, as well as leaders of other professional associations, developing and then travelling around Australia promoting a national model of registration. This was a huge and time- consuming undertaking, which fed into the Lin Report of 2005. At that time statutory regulation for herbalists and naturopaths was clearly on the horizon, but as we all know, the political climate changed, and this opportunity disappeared.

This person has long been an inspiration and role model to many. For the work she has done, for the changes she has wrought, for an outstanding contribution to our profession

The ANS is proud to present the Vis Medicatrix Naturae Award 2018 to Ruth Trickey

Georgie Stephens

In this clinic she works with speech pathologists and psychologist who specialise in Autism Spectrum Disorder and children with behavioural challenges). Because naturopathy is new to most of the practitioners she has taken the initiative to educate the team about naturopathic medicine.

Georgie has conducted multiple staff PD's, clinic workshops and initiatives like a preventative health scheme for all staff to have access naturopathic consults/care for immune health during winter. This illustrates her commitment to educating other professionals about what naturopaths do and at the same time building relationships for collaborative care of clients.

In addition to educating the practitioner team at the clinic she has worked to educate the broader client base and professional network of the practice about naturopathy. She has run workshops and information evenings for parents and professionals, done regular writing/blogging on the practice website, networked with other health professionals via letters, phone calls, etc.

In addition to her clinical work Georgie has for the past 3 years been a volunteer member of the VicHerbs planning committee (the Victorian chapter of NHAA). Due to her and the other dedicated committe members VicHerbs has been completely reinvigorated into a thriving active organisation with popular monthly events that attract up to 60 people.

Finally, despite being a new graduate herself, she has been tutoring a couple of students "on the side" helping them with their studies and preparation for clinic.

Georgie surely fits all the criteria of the Sprout Award.

The ANS is proud to present the Sprout or Emerging Naturopath of the Year Award 2018 to

Georgie Stephens

Jason Hawrelak

In his current role at the University of Tasmania, he developed, and currently coordinates, a post-graduate course that allows naturopaths to enhance their critical thinking and research-critiquing skills and created a pathway by which they can upgrade their qualifications to a university degree from Diploma and Advanced Diploma level.

Jason invites you to discern the difference between high quality & low quality evidence & to determine best practice & use of herbal & complementary medicines.  If you’re in practice today, it is likely that your choice of probiotic prescriptions has been influenced by this nominees work. His work in microbiome research and probiotic myth busting is legendary

Over Jason's time at Goulds Natural Medicine, he helped develop and implement the Goulds Internship program that has been aiding and teaching new naturopathic graduates since 2007. He continues to research, publish, and present to both improve the care of patients in his own practice, but also the patients of his naturopathic colleagues.

The ANS is proud to present the Educator of the Year Award for 2018

To Dr Jason Hawrelak

Ariya Health

Ariya Health stepped up for students and up and coming Naturopaths in their time of need and put on much needed student clinics free of charge. Seeing a need and being able to provide the necessary solution that benefits the greater good is what’s sorely needed in today's business world.

We are looking forward to see how this company will find other innovative ways to be supportive of our industry

The ANS is proud to present the Company of the Year 2018 Award to

Ariya Health

2016 Winners

Jenny Adams

She continues to mentor and support other practitioners wanting to enter the community health sector,. Her experience in working with such complex health issues people in these situations face, has solidified her approach as a practitioner. She is a great advocate for an accessible holistic approach, that is not relying on products.  she is motivated by a strong commitment to issues of social justice and health equity; this person is a sought after supervisor in student clinics and mentor to new graduates; her teaching, writing and research skills span a diverse range of subjects, from oncology (having written the oncology chapter in Ruth Trickey’s latest time), to herbal medicine manufacturing (her co-authored book on the subject is the main textbook used by teaching institutions in Melbourne); and she has a Masters in Public Health and has worked in Dharamsala (North India) with Tibetan refugees.  I could go on listing Jenny's accomplishments, as there are plenty more, but in essence, the reason I believe this person deserves this award is because she is a natural healer, the quintessential quiet achiever who is an inspiration to all who cross her path. Jenny makes a profound difference to people’s lives, and she does so without fanfare or fuss. She has dedicated her life to the profession and continues to work on making Naturopaths relevant, effective and accessible health care providers in Australia.

The ANS is proud to present the Naturopath of the Year award 2016 to :  Jenny Adams

Dr. Sue Evans

Sue understands the commitment, dedication and compassion that nurture a therapeutic relationship, and the challenge of making a profitable business in a climate where naturopathic practitioners are marginalised by main stream health services. Her response in those early days of practice in Melbourne, was to collaborate with likeminded herbalists and establish a herbal support group, VicHerbs, which thrives to this day and was the first of many local chapters of the National Herbalists Associations.

Sue's work with and for the National Herbalists Association of Australia is well known, and in 2009 she was named the Herbalist of the Year by the NHAA.

This recipient was the foundation lecturer in herbal medicine at Southern Cross University and currently lectures at the University of Tasmania. she has worked with leading researchers and educators locally and internationally and highlights in her academic career include research publications in such prestigious journals as ‘Social Science and Medicine’ and many conference presentations including to the International Society of Ethnobiology ‘.It was at her instigation that the Southern Cross University herb garden became one of the Sacred Seeds Gardens of the respected Missouri Botanic Gardens in 2013.

Sue Evans has a unique gift to us all as naturopaths and herbalists, and has a profound way of honouring the Vis.

She stands out from our ranks by articulating the inconvenient questions that force us to check and reset our personal and professional moral compass.

Sues' both challenges and inspires; interrogating our practice, our assumptions and forcing us to take our heads from the sand and embrace our professional responsibilities on multiple levels. And despite these challenging, even abrasive stands, she is both respected and loved as a herbalist who exemplifies the healing power of nature.

The ANS is proud to present the Vis Medicatrix Naturae Award 2016 to Dr. Sue Evans

Shannon Carlin

support - a field that can terrify even the most of experienced practitioners. It's hard to believe that she only graduated in January of this year with the many achievements she has already accomplished.

Besides having a growing practice, this new naturopath has been at the forefront of developing the Ancora Oncology Care program - an adjunctive care model for women going through conventional treatment with breast cancer. As part of this program, Shannon has presented to the previous CEO of Cancer Trials Australia and to representatives from the Oncology department of the Austin hospital.

If this is the achievements this new naturopath has been able to have in her first year of clinical practice, we are looking forward to seeing what is in store in the future. New practitioners like this naturopathic sprout will shape the future of naturopathy to be a respected and valued component of Australian health care.

The ANS is proud to present the Sprout or Emerging Naturopath of the Year Award 2016 to

Dr. Jerome Sarris

But this individual would like you to know that their first tertiary qualification as a Diploma in Herbal Medicine, followed by Dip Nut and Adv Dip Nat all from what was then called ACNM.

A striking moment for me (Rachel Arthur presented this award) and a lovely introduction to this naturopath was at a medical conference I attended where Jerome was the keynote speaker.  During question time, there was some negative discussion from many of the medical doctors and researchers about the level of qualification or knowledge base of naturopaths.  At this point, this individual, invited as the keynote speaker thanks to his incredible contribution to mental health research, stood up and reminded everyone that he was in fact very proudly a naturopath!


Besides their high quality, clever & ethical product formulation using the most minimal excipients, they have a strong educational focus, and they invest in and promote original Australian research in Complementary Medicines. 

Biomedica believes in "giving back”, and have generously donated significant amount of their product multiple years running to international community aid work in Cambodia, just because it feels right to be a part of the Wheel of Life. 

Most exceptionally, this company see it as their role to invest in the future of our Profession, and as such have set up a Professional Mentorship program - a platform connecting experienced clinicians with recent graduates - to increase the number of graduates who go on to become confident, experienced and competent practitioners. We applaud them for this expression of their sincere focus and commitment to growing the standing and professionalism in of our profession.  

The ANS is proud to present the Company of the Year 2016 Award to Biomedica