Dawn Whitten

Dawn Whitten has a broad-base of 17 years clinical experience with a focus on women’s health through pregnancy and beyond, as well as infant and toddler health. Dawn has spent time with medicinal plants since childhood, thanks to her father Greg Whitten’s legacy of growing and drying quality dried herbs. She is passionate about herbal medicine practitioners retaining the time honored skills of knowing the medicinal plants that grow around them, as well as having a keen sense of the importance of quality in herbal medicine. Dawn is published in the peer-reviewed literature and has contributed to the clinical textbooks (including the Breastfeeding chapter in the soon to be published Advanced Clinical Naturopathy, Elsevier). Dawn coordinates two units within the Evidenced-based Complementary Medicine post-graduate program within the College of Health & Medicine at the University of Tasmania. She is part of the research team for Probiotic.Advisor.com and a clinical director of Goulds Natural Medicine in Hobart.