Lis Conlon

Lis Conlon has been in practice and assisting others with their health as an accredited Herbalist-Iridologist in Sydney since 1991. Lis has had the honour and privilege of treating three to four generations in some families! She is also an experienced, passionate and versatile educator and has been teaching naturopathic subjects in leading colleges since 1999. An iridology instructor for 20 years, Lis strives for excellence in this particular area of her work, having written comprehensive iridology coursework and developed curriculum to suit both face-to-face and distance learning platforms. She authored the book ‘Iridology: A Beginner’s Guide’ and received a resounding endorsement for this work from renowned international iridologist Dr Ellen Tart-Jensen PhD. Her past academic leadership roles include Board of Education Adviser, Trainer Coordinator and Head of Department for Herbal Medicine and Naturopathy. She also facilitates her own clinical supervision and mentoring program for postgraduate herbal medicine and naturopathy practitioners.