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Addressing The Gaps In Our Profession

Your naturopathic training was a great start. But did you feel completely prepared once you’d graduated? Pretty sure we heard a, β€œHECK NO!” being yelled at the screen just then! We all know that the real gaps in our profession … Read More

Keonie Moore

Presentation Synopsis Presentation Detail Long Bio The 10 Most Common Mistakes Made by Naturopaths Plenary (20min) Drawn to the profession through a deep desire to help others, little do we know that most of us end up running our own … Read More

Gill Stannard

Presentation Synopsis Presentation Detail Long Bio Does Being an Online Naturopath Live Up to the Hype? Plenary Panel (1hr30 mins) What’s better – a traditional bricks and mortar clinic, or a fancy online business model? Join Gill and Jules as … Read More

Do you share their pain?

We all share these challenges and more. Many thanks to the naturopaths who articulated their challenges in this video. Our profession does have its hurdles and pressures. Did we miss something in this video? What other challenges do you have? … Read More

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