A history of programs we can all be proud of...

For the first time, the Australian naturopathic profession was offered gatherings based on:

  • Connection
  • Non-biased education
  • Celebration of Australian naturopaths, nutritionists and herbalists doing extraordinary things!

Don't just believe us, the proof is in the pudding!

Dr Jason Hawrelak (ANS 2016 and ANS 2018) spoke about the microbiome (of course!) and reminded us not to jump to conclusions (according to Jason let’s not be premature evaluators!). Charmaine Dennis (16/18) made everyone cry (of course!) with her facilitation of ‘healing the healer’.  Dr Kate Broderick (18) spoke about using potent practical hydrotherapy practices to stimulate vitality, Graeme Sait (18) reminded us that soil health = human health. Mim Beim (18) had us all heavy breathing in the best possible way, Kate Worsfold (18) motivated us to motivate our clients, Gill Stanard and Jules Galloway (18) explored the differences between a bricks and mortar clinic and online business models. Leah Hechtman (16) took us from isolation to collaboration, while Tabitha McIntosh (16) spoke about sustaining self in a solo practice and Tanya Wells (16) discussed turning an interest in oncology into a specialisation. We were also reminded about the many different paths we can take as naturopaths, nutritionists and herbalists by speakers such as Jessica Lloyd (18), Katherine Maslen (18), Kate Dalton (18), Karen Turner (16), Judy Singer (16) and Jenny Adams (16), with discussions about online business ideas, wellness in corporate health and naturopaths engaged in community health initiatives. Topics ranged from ethics to research to traditional naturopathic principles and self care, herbal manufacturing to clinical skills, and the gut to mental health. And don’t forget the unforgettable - watching Jason, Nirala, & Rachel (18) groovin’ as they took to the stage for the ethics discussion. The ANS events offer an opportunity to experience a wide range of topics presented by experienced and expert Australian naturopaths who all practice with the same remedies and work within the same landscape as you. The ANS 2020 will continue this proud tradition!

What makes ANS 2020 different?

We are proud of our point of difference to all other conferences and naturopathic events on offer - the ANS is a platform from which ideas can be discussed and views shared that won't be shared in any other platform in Australia. By attending the ANS 2020, you'll be exposed to speakers, stories and clinical pearls that are unlikely to be presented elsewhere. A major reason for this is that there is no commercial interest or bureaucratic requirements that need to be met by the ANS.

These events were developed with the naturopathic community in mind through consultation with a cross section of the profession - an event for naturopaths by naturopaths.

And now, the profession has the opportunity for another spectacular ANS event to take place. The ANS 2020 will be based on the same strong foundations of community, connection, independent education, and celebration! 

  • The ANS 2020 program will be put together with the same attention and standards of excellence
  • The ANS 2020 speakers will be as informative, inspiring and amazing - showcasing our national naturopathic treasures and uncovering new diamonds

The ANS 2020 venue and setting will be as beautiful!

Love Notes to the ANS…..

Did you know that we’ve had two successful events, one in 2016 and again in 2018? These are some of our favourite love notes from those events…

“the ANS may have literally changed my life”

“ It gave me perspective, inspiration, hope, centering and most importantly, a sense of connection with my tribe around this country.”

“Like chicken soup for a Naturopath’s soul – warm, nourishing, restorative.”

“ Have come away completely inspired with a head full of ideas.”

“ Realising I have a huge family and we matter as a Profession- thank you.”

“ Inspiration to follow the heart”

“ Learning practical real ways to shine my light in my practice”