Final Program is here!!

So excited to share our Final Program with you!!!!

ANS 2018 Program

The ANS 2018 program has three distinct themes (one for each of the festival days).  The morning of each day consists of plenary sessions followed by a lengthy lunch break that allows for networking, beach walking, guided outdoor meditation, perusing the vendor village, or simply enjoying the festival atmosphere in the Chai tent.  Afternoon sessions are workshop-style, designed to be more interactive.  Some (not all) workshops repeat after the afternoon tea break so everyone gets a chance to experience more of our incredible presenters. There are plenty of workshops to choose from to keep you riveted and inspired.  

Times (subject to little changes):

  • Friday 24 August 2018: 7am registration, 9.30am Welcome to Country, 10am Program Start.
  • Saturday 25 August: 6.30am Yoga, 8.30am Program Start, 6:30pm Gala Ball (Sold out.. sorry if you missed out! Email us if you want to go on the waitlist).
  • Sunday 26 August: 6.30am Yoga, 8.30am Program Start, 12pm Closing Ceremony, 4.30pm Program Close

Custodians of the Vital Force

Friday, August 24

The “Vis medicatrix naturae” -  the healing power of nature is one of the core tenets of naturopathic medicine.  This theme will focus on foundational modalities of naturopathic medicine.  From therapeutic fasting to hydrotherapy, revive your passion for the simple elegance of our medicine and be re-inspired to incorporate some of these ‘old’ and ‘new’ therapies into your current clinical model.

Upskilling your Clinical Practice

Saturday, August 25

As clinicians, we constantly seek to improve our patient outcomes by staying up to date with the latest research and emerging interventions. Updating our clinical skills is vital to stay on the cutting edge and to stay relevant in the current natural therapies climate.  Whether it’s learning herbal manufacture from the best, accelerating patient improvement via behaviour change mastery, or learning some new physical exam skills that you always were a bit fuzzy on, there’s something for everyone in this jam-packed day.

The Business of Business Development

Sunday, August 26

 This theme explores the diversity of Naturopathic businesses and highlights alternative and pioneering career options for Naturopaths. We share business success stories and strategies  beyond the 1:1 clinic model and look at some options for sustainable business.  You will leave the conference bursting with new ideas on how to improve, grow and streamline your business.

Community Gatherings

We’ve peppered the program with some lively, extra activities across all three days - networking, mentoring, games and trivia hunts, to get you engaged, talking and having fun!

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