Collaborative Practice Business Models

Workshop (1 hour) - Group presentation with Dr Penny Caldicott

Tired of working alone and being all things to your patients? Is collaborative care models a sustainable model for practitioner and client? This session investigates two models of truly Integrative Medicine - one model facilitated by a GP and the other by a naturopath. Dr Penny Caldicott, creator of Invitation to Health and Naturopath Reine DuBois, creator of The Health Lodge, will take you on their journey of discovery revealing what works and why.

To her patients Reine is a medical detective with a passion for finding the underlying causes of disease to create changes in health and wellness. To the medical community she is a pioneer of Integrated Medicine with more than 20 years experience in the field and a history of lecturing in this powerful model of modern day medicine. She specialises in uncovering complex health conditions and coordinating treatment plans for chronic health concerns. Reine is the Clinical Director of The Health Lodge