ANS2018 Seed Fund

We are delighted to announce that Emily Ahern is the first ever ANS Seed Fund Intern at ReMed!

Emily graduated from Southern School of Natural Therapies last year and won the ‘Excellence in Clinic’ award and is on the VicHerbs organising committee, so just quietly, her competition had their work cut out we think!

The ANS Seed Fund is a grassroots initiative established to fund new internships in clinical settings in Australia. We seeded the fund by dedicating 15% of our event sponsorship from the ANS 2018. Our vision is to offer this opportunity to all clinics Australia-wide, but first we had to understand what the ANS Seed Fund needs to grow and are therefore rolling out an initial prototype to support one subsidised intern for one year.

We invited a short list of leading naturopaths, who could provide an established and supportive environment for an intern, to apply for the internship fund. The objective was to find a clinic partner who could ‘grow’ their successful intern and simultaneously help us ‘grow’ our understanding of how best to administer the ANS Seed Fund in the future.

There were many strong applications and it was a tough decision, but Keonie’s clinic stood out as the best setting to undertake this first internship. And now in turn, it sounds like Keonie had a similarly difficult decision to choose Emily from a bunch of strong candidates!

Congratulations Emily, we look forward to hearing how you go in this exciting new role!

Grow together

The Seed Fund is a community driven initiative aimed at growing and strengthening the Australian naturopathic profession from within. Together, we are reinvesting our knowledge, experiences, time and skills into next generation Naturopaths to help foster, nurture and nourish their love for Naturopathy and offer them leadership and guidance in order to excel.


Our aim is for interns to experience the best of their profession. We believe there are many Elders and Practitioners with amazing skills and knowledge to hand on. The Seed Fund aims to provide quality internship opportunities that capture the nuances and needs specific to the naturopathic profession, best met by learning from within the naturopathic profession.


The Seed Fund is all about us, as Naturopaths, growing ourselves, leading ourselves and teaching ourselves. We are the torchbearers of our own solution toward a united, strong and skilled profession.


Through providing quality internship opportunities in a naturopathic clinical setting, the Seed Fund aims to increase the competence, confidence and skill of new practitioners. We hope to grow new Naturopaths who conduct their practice with satisfaction, pride and passion. We are growing our family.