What goes hot, cold, hot, cold and isn’t menopause? 🤔

What do we do when we have a patient whose vital force is very low? And for whom basic lifestyle and diet changes aren’t giving us what we’d like to see, and what the patient would like to see?

Dr. Kate Broderick asked these tough questions when she chatted with Nirala about her workshop at ANS 2018. In this video, Kate dives deep into hydrotherapy and "Vis Medicatrix Naturae", or the Healing Power of Nature.
How can we use water to help our patients with chronic conditions? We're interested to learn more in August, especially about why we need to end with cold. (Mid-winter at Lennox Heads might be the perfect time to try it out!)

If you missed last week's announcement of who else will be joining Kate and Nirala on the stage this year, take a look here.

And if you haven't got your ticket yet, now's the time! There are still tickets available (remember, last time we sold out but we've upped the numbers for 2018!)
If you have got your ticket, now's a great time to look into travel and accommodation.

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And that's a wrap! (See video to get the pun...!)

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