Rachel Arthur

BHSc, BNat(Hons)


Anyone who knows Rachel is impressed with the amount of projects she embarks on and completes with utmost care and with the highest ideals firmly maintained. This ANS is no exception! Rachel is the unbiased information crusader and powerhouse that brings the ANS to fruition. Rachel is blessed to have had wonderful teachers and mentors over the last 20 years. Both her past and present mentors have fed her passion for critical thinking and independent education in naturopathy – making it a major focus in Rachel’s ongoing career. She contributed a decade of teaching naturopathy across SSNT, Endeavour, Monash University, Victoria University and lastly Southern Cross University. Now, whether it’s via her long-established and highly acclaimed group mentoring program, her popular podcast service, Update in Under 30, being a key speaker at the major integrative medical conferences or co-founding the extraordinary Australian Naturopathic Summit, Rachel sees every platform as an opportunity to improve the knowledge base of the naturopathic and integrative professional community as well as raise the standing of our profession by virtue of being a worthy ambassador.

Rachel Arthur Nutrition aims to be a leader in independent postgraduate integrative health education both in Australia and overseas.