Addressing The Gaps In Our Profession

Rachel chats with Professor Ian Brighthope about starting a career in naturopathy

Addressing The Gaps In Our Profession

Your naturopathic training was a great start. But did you feel completely prepared once you’d graduated?

Pretty sure we heard a, “HECK NO!” being yelled at the screen just then!

We all know that the real gaps in our profession start to emerge once we graduate - in terms of ongoing support, lily-pad style career paths, in situ training and recognition.

Here are three ways we are working to bridge these gaps in our profession:

#1: Developing the Australian Naturopathic Seed Fund

Did you know that 15% of all ANS 2018 sponsorship money is funding a new clinical internship programs?

ANS 2016 feedback told us that many of you are interested in more mentorship and internship opportunities. And so the Australian Naturopathic Seed Fund was born! As new naturopathic graduates refine their clinical skills as they enter practice, they still need to support themselves financially. The Seed Fund works in two ways, it offers financial support for clinical centres of excellence to support and train the eligible applicant and it removes financial pressure upon graduates to step immediately into practice. Two of our sponsors recently had a chat about why they’re so keen to support this initiative.

Professor Ian Brighthope from Nutrition Care spoke to Rachel about why he thinks that “being pretty stubborn” is vital to naturopathy.

And Dr Michael Osiecki from Bioconcepts discussed with Nirala the challenge for naturopaths as often being “the last point of call” for patients.

The Australian Naturopathic Seed Fund is supporting new naturopathic graduates.

#2: Celebrating our naturopathic achievements

The ANS Awards given at the Gala Ball acknowledge and applaud the initiative and integrity of hard-working practitioners. Based on your nominations, awards will be given in five categories:

  • Naturopath of the Year Award
  • Vis Medicatrix Naturae Award
  • Sprout: Emerging Naturopath of the Year Award
  • Dr Tini Gruner Educator of the Year Award
  • Company of the Year Award

Celebrate your colleagues and acknowledge them by nominating them for an ANS Award by July 19.

Recognition of naturopathic achievement lights the path for us all and acknowledges & strengthens our professional community.

#3: Holding the Australian Naturopathic Summit

ANS 2018 is shaping up to be the naturopathic event of the year...dare we say...decade?! It’s going to be a 3-day festival of learning, networking, engaging, interacting and fun. Developing core skills, discussing all things naturopathy with colleagues from around the country and reigniting your passion for the profession!

If you or someone you know still needs a ticket, you can grab 3-day or (hot off the press!) 1-day tickets here.

Continuing to learn together strengthens and inspires our profession.

Sure, there are gaps in naturopathy. We all know that. And yet, as we all continue to support and inspire each other, we can help to bridge those gaps.

Nirala speaks with Dr Michael Osiecki

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