Sophie & Belinda’s ANS Story

Have you been feeling professionally isolated? Starting to feel lost? Craving a sense of connection, the need for mentors, colleagues and a professional community?

Sophie and Belinda from North East Natural Health Centre, Wangaratta (regional Victoria, in case you're lost!) certainly felt that and were kind enough to share their experience in coming to ANS 2016. Watch above. Trust us, you don't want to miss baby Oscar! 👶

They really pinpoint what the ANS is all about: Gathering together to connect and learn from the best, communicate and be inspired. Recognising the achievements and challenges of the profession, and realising what we can accomplish individually and collectively. Finding that you are not alone!

This is found throughout the summit, from workshops, plenary sessions, discussions, the gala ball, our special candle ceremony and through the countless interactions with colleagues. Gosh! We're getting goosebumps just thinking about it!

Sophie and Belinda have got their ANS 2018 tickets. Have you?

See you soon,
The Australian Naturopathic Summit Team

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P.P.S ANS is only every second we super charge each one! If you miss this one...we won't see you again till 2020! 

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