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This beautifully filmed video package streams straight to you and captures the real essence, wisdom and emotion of this landmark event.

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Don’t miss out again on the Australian Naturopathic Summit 2016!

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We believe that to build a stronger and more united naturopathic profession, we need to connect with each other and share each other’s inspirational and insightful stories, knowledge and wisdom.

So we are bringing the best of the ANS to you!

This beautiful Plenary Video Package will engage you like no other, as you watch and learn from our sensational naturopathic leaders. Their unique stories & knowledge will inspire you to embrace and cherish your own career journey.

The Plenary Package includes:

  1. Welcome to Country and Opening Address to the ANS 2016
  2. Stories of Defiance- Dr Nirala Jacobi
  3. Stories of Defiance – Dr Sue Evans
  4. Solo Practice One hit wonder to sustained success- Tabitha McIntosh
  5. The Herbalist’s Path- Linda Bates
  6. From solo practitioner to multi-disciplinary practice owner- Charmaine Dennis
  7. The Evolution of an Oncology Practice- Tanya Wells
  8. When the Speciality Finds You! Judith Salmon
  9. Private Practice – Q & A with morning presenters
  10. Turning a passion for health education into a thriving business- Cyndi O’Meara
  11. Acute care in the Naturopathic Apothecary- Jason Hawrelak
  12. The Path of the Naturopath: from isolation to collaboration- Leah Hechtman
  13. Broadening the naturopathic horizon: Envisioning naturopathic practice in public healthcare settings- Judy Singer
  14. Why Can’t Naturopaths be Entrepreneurs Too? Charmaine Dennis
  15. ANS 2016 Closing ceremony

Plus 4 bonus Workshops

  • Where to Start & What to Know with Specialisation – Tanya Wells & Judith Salmon
  • Solo to sizeable: The essentials of how to grow and sustain a successful practice – Tabitha McIntosh & Charmaine Dennis
  • Taking the path from Isolation to Collaboration – Leah Hechtman
  • Discover 3 secrets to business success – Charmaine Dennis & Milly Dabrowski

This whole package is over 11 hours of engaging and unique material and comes as a streamable access for 6 months from time of purchase. We have made it streamable so you get the best quality quickly. Downloading was just too cumbersome for our high quality videos!

You are part of our bigger family. Enrich and nourish your passion for naturopathy by hearing from the torchbearers of our profession.

Don’t miss out again!

Psst.. Up to 12 CPE points (depending on your professional association)

Australian Naturopathic Summit 2016 Video Package