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Friday 24th August- 1 Day Pass


Your 1x day pass to all of the Friday 24th August Program!

It’s jam packed with Workshops, Plenary sessions, wonderful Colleagues and Case studies.  We aren’t going to lie.. it’s going to leave you inspired and wanting more of it all.. probably two more days to be exact 😉

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Friday 24 August Program – Custodians of the Vital Force –  

Plenary Sessions

Coming Together on Common Ground: The Healing Power of Nature Greg Connolly PhD(candidate) MSocHlth(MedAnth) BHSc(Nat) BArts(Phil). In this opening Plenary Session, explore our common ground of vitality and holistic health in body, mind and spirit with Greg Connolly.

Naturopathic Hydrotherapy: The Use of Water to Stimulate the Vis Medicatrix Naturae – Dr Kate Broderick BSc JD ND DipAcu. Dive into why naturopathic hydrotherapy, a foundational therapeutic modality in the formation of our profession, merits a renaissance in the Australian naturopathic landscape with Dr Kate Broderick.

A Quintessential Naturopathic Prescription: Fasting – Sally Mathrick BMedManCM(Hons – underway) BNat BArts. Understand the traditional application and approaches to fasting and get up-to-speed with the latest science of its effects on physiology with Sally Mathrick.

Growing Vitality – Lessons From a Fertile Ground – Charmaine Dennis BHSc(Nat) GradCert(RMed). If the vital force is a key tenant of Naturopathy, how do we bring it to life in business too? Charmaine shares the keys to developing and nourishing a dynamic and vital practice to stand the test of time.

Workshop Sessions

May The Force Be With You – Growing Holistic Vitality for Your Business and Life – Charmaine Dennis BHSc(Nat) GradCert(RMed). Find your own ah-ha moments as you dig a little deeper and find some clarity to spark up your own wellbeing, life and business.

Reclaiming Wellness from the Soil Up – Graeme Sait BA(PhysSoc). Understand the profound connection between soil health, human health and planetary health and learn multiple strategies to live a longer, happier, healthier life in concert with nature.

Breathing – The Missing Piece to the Therapeutic Puzzle – Mim Beim BEcon, GradDipNutr, DipNat, CertSleepMed, DipButeyko. Discover the connections between breathing, and simple treatments for conditions as diverse as asthma, sleep apnoea, snoring, anxiety, IBS, reflux and high blood pressure to ‘value add’ to your other treatment protocols.

Case Study Sessions

Naturopathic Hydrotherapy: Basic Applications for Stimulating Vitality – Dr Kate Broderick BSc JD ND DipAcu. Learn how to apply a basic understanding of thermal effects utilising hydrotherapy treatments that are easy to administer with minimal equipment, supplies and water.

We reserve the right to alter the program at anytime.  As sometimes these things happen!