Val Iwaszko consulted in multiple practices as a Naturopath for a decade prior to opening his herbal dispensary ‘Mullum Herbals’ in 1996. He continues to provide over the counter consultations and develop the business. Val was an inaugural naturopathy clinical supervisor at Southern Cross University and continued in that role, training and assessing students for eight years, while also providing students with an opportunity to gain practical experience at the apothecary coalface. His mentoring role has expanded over the past 15 years for other students who have actively sought placements at the business. Val is currently involved in making herbal tinctures and is endeavouring to encourage local growers to supply the business’s ever growing demand for high quality medicinal herbs. He would love to see a local herb growing consortium, believing locally grown herbs to be of higher quality and efficacy. He also believes that a local herb industry will create a reduced carbon footprint and empower practitioners and the community at large through a stronger connection to our medicines.